Bars Lisbon

Best Bars in Lisbon

As the heart and soul behind Tony Locos Bar & Restaurant, I’ve always been captivated by the magic of a great bar experience. During my travels, one city that stood out for its diverse and vibrant bar scene was Lisbon. From rooftop marvels to quaint traditional spots, Lisbon’s bars have a charm that’s hard to resist.

Rooftop Bars in Lisbon

Top Picks: While our own cozy patio at Tony Locos offers a glimpse into outdoor dining, Lisbon’s rooftop bars take al fresco enjoyment to new heights. Park Bar, impresses with its panoramic views, while Sky Bar offers a sophisticated ambiance amid the city’s rooftops.

Hidden Bars in Lisbon

Discover the Hidden Gems: Much like the surprise dishes we love to serve at Tony Locos, Lisbon boasts hidden bars that promise an adventure. Pavilhão Chinês is an eclectic spot full of antiques and curiosities, creating an unforgettable setting for a drink.

Jazz Bars in Lisbon

Smooth Melodies: Our love for live acoustic music at Tony Locos resonates with the smooth jazz you’ll find in Lisbon’s bars. Hot Clube de Portugal is a favorite, known for its intimate vibe and exceptional lineups.

Wine Bars in Lisbon

For the Wine Aficionados: At Tony Locos, we appreciate the craftsmanship behind a great glass of wine, something that Lisbon’s wine bars embody beautifully. By the Wine José Maria da Fonseca is a standout, offering a wide selection of Portuguese wines in a chic setting.

LGBTQ+ Bars in Lisbon

Welcoming Spaces: Just as we welcome everyone at Tony Locos, Lisbon’s LGBTQ+ bars create inclusive spaces for all. Trumps, known for its vibrant dance floor and friendly atmosphere, is a must-visit.

Sports Bars in Lisbon

Game Night: For sports enthusiasts missing our TVs at Tony Locos, Hennessy’s Irish Pub in Lisbon offers a lively venue to catch a game, complemented by a good selection of beers.

Cocktail Bars in Lisbon

Creative Mixes: Inspired by our own Loco cocktails, Lisbon’s cocktail bars such as Cinco Lounge, excel in creative mixology, offering unique concoctions in a cozy ambiance.

Live Music Bars in Lisbon

Feel the Rhythm: Music is a universal language, one that brings our guests together at Tony Locos and is celebrated in Lisbon’s live music bars. Tokyo Lisboa is a hotspot for those looking to enjoy diverse musical genres in a lively atmosphere.

Traditional Portuguese Bars in Lisbon

Experience Authenticity: Finally, no visit to Lisbon would be complete without stepping into a traditional Portuguese bar. A visit to A Ginjinha allows you to sample Ginjinha, a cherry liqueur, in a classic setting reminiscent of our own dedication to authentic flavors.

Exploring Lisbon’s bars offers a journey through a vibrant tapestry of flavors, sounds, and sights. Each bar, with its unique character, reminds me of the importance of creating spaces that welcome, entertain, and captivate – principles we hold dear at Tony Locos Bar & Restaurant. So, if your travels take you to Lisbon, immerse yourself in its bar scene and carry with you the spirit of discovery and enjoyment that we cherish.

Bars Lisbon

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